About Cowles Creations

This is my website, my first professional website, assembled for the express reason of putting “on display”, the pictures of works I have created myself, or helped create/re-assemble, as was the case for a considerable portion of my theatrical/tech work, but this site also includes a variety of art projects, installations, conceptual renderings, and builds from other areas of my creation spectrum. I also included some of residential and commercial construction job I have done, and which really influenced and reinforced my construction confidence on stage. I have a very instinctual imagination, and have always been building or designing, and re-designing, as far back as I can remember, and now that I have finished up my Bachelor’s degree at the prestigious new University of North Georgia, formally Gainesville State College, in a field where my constant need to create is seen as a most esteemed trait. With the proper tempering too, my talents will hopefully allow me to shine in this field, and give me the freedom of choosing my own career path. I feel as though the time has come to start showing my creations to the world, so that those who are interested can locate the work  that they need me to perform for them, and I will produce. I feel very fortunate to have found this line of work, and look forward to the endless possibilities of making a career out of it.

                                                        Chris Cowles


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